Before calling the support phone, try this.

If experiencing any of the following issues with the app, try these tips and tricks


  1. Slow app and/or order handling issues

  2. Problems related to reports
  3. Internet problems


Slow app and/or order handling issues

In cases where you experience problems taking orders or your POS app runs slowly, it is a good idea to try restarting your POS app, as a lot of data can accumulate if it has not been closed for a long time. This can be done by pressing:

Modules -> Support -> Close the app.

In cases where this does not fix the problem, we refer to restarting the iPad.


In some cases, a slow POS can also be caused by the app not being updated. The same applies if printers misfire or certain features do not work optimally. Here you can appropriately go into the App Store on your iPad and check for updates. Simply search for Quickorder POS in the search field. The App Store can be tricky sometimes, so it's often necessary to tap on the app, as shown below, to see if there's an update.


Problems related to reports

If problems are experienced with closing reports or opening them/exporting them inside one's Quickorder POS app, where it gives an error message that deals with "data." In almost all situations, the problem can be fixed by deleting local data.

This is done under:

Modules -> Support -> Delete data.

ATTENTION This logs you out of the POS app, so it is important that you have your login before doing this.



Internet problems

Internet problems can often cause many problems in the POS app. If the app runs slowly, crashes or has problems accepting orders, this can often be due to your internet. The first thing you can do is look at the top of the screen on the POS, where this message will most often be seen.