Create users

It is possible to add more users, so the necessary people can access the backoffice or log in to the Quickorder POS app. This can be relevant if you have several managers in your restaurant, or if you want to give your accountant direct access



  1. Go to and log in
  2. Select Settings > Departments > Users > Create User

  3. Enter Name, Email, Password and Role
    You log in with your email and password
    There are two types of roles:
    1. Admin: Admins can add and edit users and admins
    2. User: A user cannot edit other users than oneself. A user can only log in to the department(s) that an admin has given the user access to, and can therefore only see statistics for that or those department(s)

    3. Click Next 
    4. Select which departments you want the user to have access to
    5. Click Save