Choosing which online ordering service is best for you

We support two different guest facing app systems with different pros and cons. Read more here to decide which fits you best

Table of contents

1. What solutions do you offer?

2. Quickorder guest facing apps

3. Weorder guest facing apps

4. I have decided already

What solutions do you offer?

Quickorder supports two guest facing online solutions

You can read a few highlights below. But to help you decide we recommend you contact us to discuss your needs and which solution that fits best.


  • +45 71 99 26 24 (Denmark)
  • +47 23 50 65 90 (Norway

Quickorder guest facing apps

The Quickorder guest facing apps is the newest guest facing solution we have. It has a modern and Userfriendly interface which is easy to navigate and easy to use.


  • One platform. You can set up everything from the same backoffice solution
  • Supports the following order types
    • Takeaway
    • Dine in (Open tab and Pay now options)
      • Support group ordering ensuring the orders from a group of people are printed on 1 kitchen receipt. Much easier to manage for the kitchen and waiters.
    • Scan to pay
    • Digital menu card
  • We are constantly updating and upgrading the Quickorder guest facing apps with new features and functionality 


  • No advanced marketing or loyalty features (yet)


Weorder guest facing apps

The Weorder guest facing apps is a separate platform which is integrated in to Quickorder. It has a great userinterface with a lot of functionality available


  • Supports the following order types
    • Takeaway
    • Dine in (Pay now)
  • Marketing module
  • Loyalty features
  • Advanced features


  • Another back office to control which means a bit more complexity to manage

I have decided already

Great, then follow the guide for either