Schedule in Daily

This article describes how you use our schedule system in daily life and what options it has. 

1. Approval of shifts
  1.1. Approve/Delete Individual Shifts 
  1.2. Approve/Delete Several Shifts
2. Approval of Shift Changes
3. Approval of Shift Requests 
4. Time off and Vacation Requests from Employees 
5. History of Shifts 
6. Use of the Bulletin Board

1. Approval of shifts

The shifts are divided into "Shifts with problems" and "Shifts without problems". This gives you easier control that only the correct shifts are approved/deleted.

  1. Go to Actions > Shift approval

  2. You can now see which shifts there is issues with. If you hover your mouse over the orange exclamation mark, you can see any problems. This could be, for example, the shift not being planned, forgot to punch in, a note or something else entirely. If a note has been written, you can see it by hovering over the person's name.

1.1. Approve/Delete Individual Shifts 

  1. Find the shift in question that you would like to approve/delete
  2. Correct the break and time if this is necessary. You can advantageously set up rounding rules for the Punch clock, to avoid manual typing work. See a guide on how to do it here
  3. Tap either Approve or Delete Shift on the right side

1.2. Approve/Delete Multiple Shift 

  1. Mark which shifts you want to approve/delete on the left-hand side by pressing the check box
  2. Correct in breaks and times if this is necessary
  3. Tap Approve Selected Shifts or Delete Selected Shifts in the top right corner


2. Approval of Shift Swap

When an employee offers their shift and another take it, the shift swap must be approved by you as manager. This means, among other things, that you can make sure that a new employee does not take a shift from an experienced employee if you do not want this. 

  1. Go to  Actions > Shift swap

  2. Reject or Approve  the shift 


3. Approval of Shift Requests

If you have put up an available shift, and several employees bid for it, you have to approve and select who gets it

  1. Go to  Actions > Shift Requests
  2. Press the box under Employees, now you can see all the employees who bid for the shift.
  3. Select the employee who will be on shift and press  Approve 
  4. If there isn't need for the shift to be taken anyways. you can simply press reject


4. Time-off and holiday requests from employees 

Employees have the option to request a holiday or day off, but this must be approved by the admin. 

  1. Go to  Actions > Time-off requests
  2. Here you can see the period and a note, if the employee has specified one. You can either press  Approve or Reject