Nets Cloud (Move3500)

With our Nets integration, our POS system automatically sends the amount to your Nets terminal. You therefore avoid manual entry and errors.

Table of Contents

1. Terminal order and redemption agreement

2. Setting up the terminal

3. Integration to POS

   3.1 Setup in Backoffice

   3.2 Connect your Nets Cloud terminal on the iPad

   3.3 Connect to WiFi

4. Setting up the Nets terminal 

5. Polling the terminal and reprinting the receipt g

   5.1. Voting in POS

   5.2. Manual voting from the terminal's menu

6. Payment with Nets Cloud

7. Gratuities at the terminal

1. Terminal order and redemption agreement

Contact our support department on DK: +45 71 99 26 24 / NO: +47 23 50 65 90 or

If you already have a terminal or redemption agreement, contact us anyway so we can ensure that your setup fits the integration.

2. Setting up the terminal

When you order a Cloud terminal from Nets, they send you a Username and Password. Be sure to save these as they will be used in the setup.

The terminal itself is updated with Username and Password upon receipt, and therefore simply needs to be activated and connected to the Internet.

ATTENTION! If there is a SIM card in the terminal, this must be removed. 

3. Integration to POS

3.1 Setup in Backoffice

In order to use the Nets Cloud terminal, the Integration must be activated.

Login at

Tap  Settings  in the left menu.

Tap  Integrations.

Press  Connect on the Nets integration .

3.2 Connect your Nets Cloud terminal on the iPad

Start by synchronizing your app so that Nets Cloud is enabled as the payment type (1).

You must then log in to Nets CloudConnect (2).

Tap  Modules  in the left menu.

Tap  Nets under Integrations.

Enter the Username and Password from Nets, which were sent in connection with ordering the terminal


Now the terminals connected to your Nets CloudConnect agreement can be seen, and it is possible to change the name of the terminal and Connect them to be able to receive payment via POS.


3.3 Connect to WiFi

There can NOT be a SIM card in the terminal. It has to come out or it won't work.


. Setting up the Nets terminal 

It is necessary to set up the terminal to be associated with a cash register system ("ECR" = Electronic Cash Register) But with Nets connect@cloud it is not a local IP address that the payment terminal is connected to. But on the other hand a server IP at Nets ( This is the server Quikcorder POS also talks to and through it the 2 systems are connected to each other.

Step 1

  • Guide to Cloud setup on the terminal..
  • Go to Merchant Menu -> [6] Parameter -> [1] Change ->
  • In menu [2] Communication, set the following:
    • Comm. type = Wifi
    • NO more changes must be made in this menu.
  • In menu [3] Box, set the following
    • ECR = Yes
      Comm. type = "IP Wifi"
      ECR/TLS = Yes
      ECR IP Addr. =
      ECR IP port = 6001
      (Here the terminal will restart)

Step 2

  • Check the settings in the Parameter menu Merchant menu ->[6] Parameter -> [1]
  • Amend
  • Comm. type = WiFi
    Host IP =
    Host Port = 9680 (Denmark)
    Host Port = 9670 (Norway)

Step 3

If it still doesn't work after the above, then do the following:

  • Go to merchant menu -> [1] Card deals -> [1] Get deals



5. Reconcile the terminal and reprinting the receipt

When a terminal is created or has already been created, it is possible to change the name of the terminal.

It is also possible to reprint the last receipt from the terminal.

5.1 Reconcile in POS

Go to --> modules --> integrations --> nets.

It is possible to reconcile your terminal from the terminal itself, BUT if you want a receipt from the POS, it must be done in the POS by selecting the terminal you want to reconcile.


5.2. Manual reconciling from the terminal's menu

Press the [Menu] button, swipe the Merchant card and select [6] Reconcile 

6. Payment with Nets Cloud

When a payment is to be made with a Nets Cloud terminal, Nets Cloud is selected as the payment type in the payment window, and the relevant terminal is selected if you have several terminals.


7. Tips at the terminal

  • The tip function must be activated directly on the Nets terminal.
  • This is done by opening the terminal's "Function menu" (MENU-6-1-1)
  • When the "Functions menu" is opened, use the terminal's ARROW keys to scroll down to the "Tip" menu and press the Green key.
  • When the "Tip menu" is opened, use the terminal's ARROW keys to select the correct Tipping function and press the Green key to activate it.
  • once the feature is set, press the Red key a few times until the terminal reboots.