Launch of Takeaway

This article reviews how to insert your webshop link in the right places so that your customers can easily find their way to your webshop.


1. Homepage

Make a clear button on your website with a hyperlink to your webshop.

For example, you can call the button "TAKEAWAY", "ORDER HERE", and when customers press the button, they are forwarded to your webshop.








*If you don't know how to make the hyperlink, get the person who makes your website to do it.



2. Social media

Display the link in visible places on your social media via prominent buttons or the profile text, so that your customers can easily access your webshop.


Make a "Buy now" or "Takeaway" button that links to your webshop and make sure that it is visible as soon as people land on your page.


Facebook :

Set up a button that links to your webshop via your Facebook page. See their guide here: Facebook Button

How to Add the Shop Now Button to Your Facebook Business Page


Instagram :

On Instagram, you can both put an order button on your page and add buttons to your stories, so that your customers can easily be forwarded to your webshop. 


See Instagram's guides for setting up buttons here:

Set up food order button on Instagram profile

Set up food order sticker in Instagram stories


3. Promotion

Make announcements on your media and inform your customers that they can order food via your webshop.

See our good advice for promotion here: How to promote your takeaway menu online