Capacity management

Capacity management allow you to close of timeslots for takeaway orders to manage the workload on your kitchen

👉 Capacity management is only available if you have our takeaway solution enabled

Closing timeslots

Closing timeslots prevents takeaway orders to be ordered here.

  1. Select Modules
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select capacity management

On the capacity management overview

  1. Timeslots grey out when the time has passed the current time
  2. Clicking a timeslot will close it (change to red)
    1. Clicking it again will re-open it (change to blue)
  3. If orders already are made for a certain timeslot you can see the amount in the timeslot
  4. In the top right corner you can change the preparation time for take away orders, to control the flow of your orders

Tip: In the To Go module in the top right corner you can quickly change to capacity management and close of timeslots when you are extra busy.