Stock management in POS

Keeping track of ingredients and how much you have in stock is vital to any restaurant. POS can help you keep track of the amounts you have left and alert you if stock is running low.

What is stock management?

Every restaurant uses ingredients to provide the menu choices to the customer. Every time a customer orders something from the menu, ingredients are used up in the process.

Stock management is a way to make sure that you don't run out of critical ingredients in the middle of your opening hours.

Why is stock management important?

Nothing is worse than having to tell customers, their favorite thing on the menu card is no longer available due to a lack of shrimp. It leads to unhappy customers and missed sales.

What is the difference between products and ingredients?

Ingredients are the items that go into making a product. Products are the menu items that customers can choose between where as the ingredients are used when making a product. 

If you have more complex items going into a product, you can make a recipe, which consists of ingredients.

How do I do it in the POS?

There are three basic steps to setting up stock management and one optional step, outlined below.

  1. Enable stock management here
  2. Create the ingredients and recipes in the system (ingredients, recipes)
  3. Link the ingredients/recipes and amounts to the products / menu items (link)
  4. (Optional) Set up alerts if stock is low on key ingredients (reminders)