Set up modifiers

Modifiers will make your customers life easier, and give them the opportunity to choose what they would and wouldn't like in their food.

How do I set up Modifiers? 


Under Menu, press Modifier Editor and “add new modifier group” 



Name - add a name that you will easily identify  (extras, spice range, coffee etc.) 

Question - This will show in the app (Would you like to add something?) 

Choose single or multiple choices.

  1. Type in the name and question 
  2. Select Minimum and Maximum
  3. Use the search bar to search for items in your menu or give your extra a name and click add.
  4. If you did not use the search bar, link to Menu entry
  5. Keep adding until all items are added. 



Once your modifier is connected to a menu entry, it will show its SKU and price from POS:



Now, keep adding your extras until you´re happy with the modifier group, and hit save. You can make as many groups as you like.