Menu Opportunities

With Quickorder, your menu is no longer just a printed piece of paper but an electronic experience which allows you to edit and add things as often as you want. This article will explain the opportunities you have.

For each menu you create, you can enable three different functionalities: 

  • POS
  • Dine-in 
  • Menu

Below, we will explain what each functionality contains. 


The menu will be shown on the iPad that the waiters use. 


The ultimate experience for you and your guests. This is the web app where your guests can browse the menu, make multiple orders on the same bill, and pay. As a result, your waiters can put all their focus on giving your guests the best experience. 


Do you still want the guests to place their orders with a waiter, and are you looking for a menu solution where you can make changes without having to print new menus? Then, this is the option for you. Here, you can have a digital menu where you can easily make changes.