Printer troubleshooting

Your printer may be down if your app or webshop is displaying the following message:

"Sorry, but this restaurant is not receiving orders now. Please call to place your order"

When you see this message, and have not been informed otherwise, we recommend that one or more managers add their phone number to SMS receivers

Now, let's troubleshoot the printer! Follow the steps below to find out the cause of the issue.

  1. Check if the printer is connected to power
  2. See that the printer is turned ON
  3. Make sure the internet cable is securely connected
  4. Test if the router is connected to the Internet
  5. Restart the router
  6. Check if the printer contains paper
  7. Update the printer with the latest firmware update
  8. Restart the printer


Once you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps check that the light is green. Then perform some test orders through the app or webshop. The orders should come out after max 15 seconds.

If this does solve the issue, please contact for more help.